2004-06-20 ImageProcess 0.4 released

New featues presented in version 0.4

* created a new webpage
* added the remote processing facilities using the CORBA technology
* added undo/redo facilities
* added the toolbar

2003-10-13 ImageProcess 0.3 released

New featues presented in version 0.3

*convert the image resources in python files using image2python
* adeed scripts to generate the Windows installer file using Inno Setup
* the ImageProcess application works now on Linux too
* use the wxGlade to design the GUIs
* serialize the images in HTML files
* serialize the ImageProcess documents in customisable HTML files. You can use the ImageProcess application as a Photo Album generator
* disable (temporary) the sound facilities
* show/hide StatusBar and Notebook
* added image name, description, comment and resolution
* added image analyse: corners detection(Harris, SUSAN), filtering (Sharpen, Smooth)
* added accelerators keys for the menu entries
* you can add more than one image to the ImageProcess documents. Navigation through the document's images is also possible
* the source directory structure has changed. The "lib" directory contains the ImageProcess documents manipulations related files and the "gui" directory contains the implementation of the GUI

2002-08-07 ImageProcess 0.2 released

New featues presented in version 0.2

* save the ImageProcess document files also in "zip" compressed format
* added distribution scripts for building ImageProcess distribution for Windows using py2exe
* added icon
* set/clear facilities for image/sound
* added sound facilities
* can choose the image and sound type and encoding to save in the document file (xml)
* display XY position and colour information in the statusbar
* separate panel for image and sound information
* rotate left the image
* print procedure -> bug fixed( ID: 577373 Summary: print procedure doesn't work)

2002-07-03 ImageProcess 0.1 released

Featues presented in version 0.1

* load images (bmp, jpg, gif, png, pcx, pnm, tiff, xpm)
* save images (bmp, jpg, png, pcx, pnm, xpm)
* load and save ImageProcess document files (xml)
* display the information in a notebook
* gray scale, negative, rotate, mirror, zoom in-out

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