To download the official releases, please use the project's site at  SourceForge. There are also binary distributions for Windows users.
To get the sources with CVS, please use the project's site at SourceForge.


Binary distribution

The binary distribution is available for Windows only.
The Windows distribution of ImageProcess is a standard self-installing executable. This allows you the convenience of using the Start Menu and Add/Remove Programs just like any other Windows software.

Source distribution

System requirements:

  1. Python
  2. wxPython
  3. XML tools for Python

Dependencies installation:

Installation of needed packages for Windows:

 There are a lot of possibilities, so you can choose which packages you want.
 I have personally installed the following packages:

  1. ActiveState's Python distribution - the XML support for Python is included
  2. wxPython Windows binary distribution

Installation of needed packages for Debian GNU/Linux - testing:

$apt-get install libwxgtk2.4-python
$apt-get install python2.2-xml

ImageProcess installation:

  1. unpack the source distribution archive
  2. to start the application, in the directory where the source distribution was unpacked, just type:

    $cd src

Remote Image Processing (Optional)

Warning: There is no Image Processing Server distribution! It will be released soon! If you want to get the experimental sources, please contact me!

The remote image processing is realised using the CORBA technology, so you need to install the following dependencies (for source distribution only):

  1. omniORBpy
You have to edit also the src/omniORB4.cfg file. At least at the line

InitRef = NameService=corbaname::remotemachinename

you have to replace remotemachinename with the hostname of the machine where the image processing server is located.

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